Saturday, 17 November 2018

Aleyahs appearance on Children in Need

I was so proud to see my daughter Aleyah perform with the cast of School of Rock at the opening of Children in Need on BBC1 last night.

All of the cast are so talented and it must be an amazing experience to be a part of this show. 

Now here is a frustrating part. I only found out about this by chance because Stagebox (her agent) have filtered me from seeing any posts about Aleyah :/.

So sad that the longer this goes on, the more that people accept the situation the way it is.. They ignore the blatant alienating behaviour that can have a devastating impact on these children in years to come..

Its obvious that Stagebox are aligned to her mothers alienating behaviour and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.. Nor do people seem to even care anymore.. 

Aleyah is being taught to use the name Aaliyah Monk rather than her name Aleyah Monk-Dalton which is yet another alienating tactic to erase her true identity and her paternal family which seems to be supported by her agent who I have tried to contact several times but refuse to communicate with me about Aleyah's progress

Obviously upset, angry, frustrated and disillusioned.. But also very proud.. Who will help Aleyah reunite with her paternal family? There seems to be nowhere to turn... Nowhere!

But.. I will continue doing everything I can to be involved in her life no matter what obstacles are placed in front of me.. I love her, I will always love her her and I will always be her proud dad.. 

Now once again I will plea to the maternal family, stop this alienating behaviour. You may have managed to deceive the courts to facililate parentectomy but it will not last forever. I will always do whatever I can to be in her life. I am sure you know that..

Once again I open the lines of communication to contact me on my email or my mobile/whatapp 0034 622 925 754.. Please start putting Aleyah first and stop the lies and deceptions. She deserves to be loved and supported by both parents.

One day closer xxxxxx

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Miss you Aleyah

Miss you so much Aleyah.. Not a day goes by without you on my mind and in my heart.. Always loving you... FOREVER your dad... One day closer xx 

#aleyahmonkdalton (aka alienation/stagename #aaliyahmonk) #onedaycloser #prouddad
0034 622 925 754