Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Reunite Walk - Stave Hill Ecological Park, London

Are you going to be joining us for the Reunite Walk on Saturday 17th September 2016 at Stave Hill Ecological Park, London?

Reunite International Child Abduction Centre have organised their walk every year since 2010 and it is a great opportunity to bring together parents and supporters who have been in contact with them over the years. It is only about 5-6 km so is perfect for supporters of all ages and should be a lovely day out.

It is also a chance to raise money in support of their advice line so that they can continue to offer advice, information and support to parents and those affected by international parental child abduction.

The focus of the day is to bring people together, so there is NO pressure to raise money

If you can come along or would like some more information please send them an email at or phone +44 (0)116 2555 345 so they know how many people will be there on the day.

We hope you´ll be able to join them. They also state that you please feel free to bring friends and family with you.

The team will be meeting at Stave Hill Ecological Park, London at around 10.30am and hope to start the walk around 12.00pm.

Please give your support... We will be there and you can sponsor us through our JustGiving page

For all the parents, families and children who are doing everything they can to be reunited, please.. keep strong... You ARE one day closer....