Saturday, 20 October 2018

Its time to put an end to this!

For several years now I have done what I can to raise awareness of issues surrounding parental child abduction and parental alienation through various events, ventures and activities.

I have spoken with many parents and families that are or have been in a similar position to ourselves. 

Whilst doing this, I have continually fought my own battles in attempting to reunite with my own daughter and pleading for the malicious tactics to stop. 

The lies and deception used as a mechanism to remove our child from her home and paternal family was so very very wrong. 

I have, several times each year, spoken with and visited school to keep updated on progress in school and in her performing activities despite the brick walls that keep being built around me.

Several times, we have watched her perform in dance and musicals but remained as anonymous faces in the crowd. 

I have pleaded for mediation over and over again which was continually refused despite our efforts to state that the maternal family's past alienating behaviour would be left in the past if we can ensure that our child can be allowed to be loved by both parents and families without the nasty false allegations that were used to take her and keep us apart.

I tried to keep my faith and belief that the system would eventually reunite us and maybe, just maybe, our child would no longer be used as a weapon and her best interests would be placed as priority.

Sadly, we are almost 10 years later on and there seems to be no change in the maternal family's position. 

Tragically also, our daughter did not get the opportunity to be reunited with her paternal grandmother who absolutely and unconditionally adored her. 

Do they not feel any remorse at all? This really has to end.. 

One day I am sure that they know that the truth will be told. Maybe that is what they are scared of?  The lies and deception can maybe one day be forgiven but they need to understand that this would take work. 

There is a reason why previous close friends of the maternal family turned their back on them. It is because the tactics used were abusive and so very wrong. 

It's not too late to change but I realise that there will be a lot of repair work needed to heal the damage already caused.

I will ask again... Contact me and make a start on putting this repair work into action.. The longer it goes on, the harder it will be.

Our daughter is of an age now where she can understand and I hope she will see that her paternal family has never stopped loving her and thinking about her and never will stop... Maybe she will reach out? Our door will always be open. 

I can be contacted on my email or my mobile phone/whatsapp 0034 622 925 754..

One more day closer xxx

Friday, 12 October 2018

Parental Child Abduction Driven by Parental Alienation Behaviour

Below is a link to an interesting article / blog

I'm quite aligned to Karens thoughts on parental alienation. 

Parental child abduction is often an action triggered by parental alienation behaviour (not always). In those cases, impartiality is part of the problem; Not the solution in my opinion. 

Unfortunately, some organisations although doing some very good work in some areas are sadly financially driven to state impatiality. This I feel is a problem.

There needs to be a line between what is right and what is wrong in order to effectively prompt change.