Sunday, 27 January 2019

It wont be forever.. One more day closer

The situation people find themselves in is not going to last forever... We are one day closer..

Until then, look after yourself. It is so important because your child will need you.. There might be a lot of repair work to do when the time arises.

Always show love for your child rather than anger to your ex and their behaviour (you cant control their behaviour) .. Your child may already be being wrongfully taught that you are an aggressor.. Dont provide the bullets for your ex to shoot you with..

Celebrate key dates like birthdays and Xmas.. Even in your childs absence.. I have kept cards/gifts/photos from family and friends for almost 10 years now.. I am so glad I asked that of family.. Especially since Aleyah's grandmother is no longer with us..

But, one day Aleyah will see this to help her understand that she has never been forgotten by her paternal family.. and never will be...

Stay strong all 

ALWAYS loving you.. ALWAYS thinking about you.. FOREVER your dad.. Xx #aleyahmonkdalton #onedaycloser (aka stage/alienation name #aaliyahmonk)