Saturday, 22 June 2019

Carrefest 2019 - Vote Shani

Let's get voting every day on Facebook and twitter for our talented friend Shani Ormiston. 🙂You can vote every day until the 7th July x

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Shani has been such amazing support for the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre charity and to me personally over the years so please give your support back in her musical career.. 

Thanks all x

Monday, 10 June 2019

Parental Alienation - So many questions.. So few answers

How many target parents (parental child abduction/parental alienation) will have to go through the totally flawed family court process at such a huge cost emotionally, financially & sometimes physically?

In many cases their lives are systematically destroyed not only by the abducting/alienating parent but also by the authorities they try to trust to protect them & their child.

Their character is subjected to an unjust & unfair battering which facilitates the abusive & narcissistic behaviour & totally fails the children as well as the target family.

These target parents continue to go through this process in the hope that THEY will be the one case that is different. 

There are some success stories (if you can call them that as the child loses out as soon as alienation tactics commence) but more often than not, the target parent seems to hit one brick wall after another as if it is engineered to sap the life of a loving parent with the objective of pushing them to the point where they cannot go on any longer. It's a very profitable and accepted emotional abuse.

I'm not convinced at the moment that there will be any real change unless there is a system in place to identify, deter and provide accountability for these heinous emotional abuses. Will this happen? I suspect not because conflict in the family court is such a profitable business so is often encouraged by some devious and immoral lawyers and court "professionals" 

I plea for the day where courts act on the deceptive, dishonest & abusive "tactics" that seem to repeat over and over again which I am convinced they are aware of. 

We will keep on hearing these nightmare stories where the system has failed parents & children. When will it end? 

If you found yourself facing this, what would you do? Imagine you woke tomorrow & found that your partner/ex-partner had internationally abducted your child. What would your first action be if reasoning/mediation was not possible due to the mindset of the abducting "parent"?

What if such heinous and false allegations were made against you in the family courts and they were simply accepted despite your pleas to investigate fully? 

What if your child was coached and brainwashed to reject you and your family? Who would you turn to? 

If you are in a position where you have been absent from your child's life through  alienation tactics for a long period of time, how would a parent help the child through the reunification process? Who can they turn to for help?

So many questions... So few answers. 

Taking some time out

I am a naturally positive person. I always have been.... But... I have to admit that I have never been so disillusioned with so much in this crazy circus. 

So much so, that I have felt the need to distance myself from organisations and groups that advertise as wanting to promote awareness and change. 

I've found that I have lost the will to write on the subjects anymore because it's all been said before. 

Even trying to read articles from knowledgeable people I have found that I am starting to switch off to because once again, it's all been said before with very little change. 

I have lost the enthusiasm to organise anything or even participate in anything at the moment that attempts to raise awareness of pca / pa because each time I try, it seems to be met with apathy even from the organisations I am trying to assist... 

After almost 10 years of trying to do something positive in such a difficult situation I have to be blunt and honest about this because it's how I feel. 

In my own situation, I've been patient because I have had to be. 

I was gagged until the point that I lost faith in the court system to be a mechanism to help to resolve the situation and help to reunite my daughter with her paternal family. I now post quite freely because the only way it seems to get to tell my child how much she is loved and missed is through social media.. 

That I will continue to do as it is so important for Aleyah to know that she is always in my heart and in my mind. 

I will continue to visit the school often and find out as much information about her progress as possible.. 

She is almost 14 now so there is a few more years left of "being patient" but at that point, I am still not sure how to approach reunification. 

I have reached out for advice here so many times but have simply been ignored. 

Aleyah will have to deal with the fact that she has been lied to and betrayed for so long as tactics to keep here away from her paternal family or she may refuse to be reunited and believe the alienation tactics that have been so venomously used.. How do I help her with this?

Over this 10 years, I have been given promises and words of hope from lawyers, advocates, groups and organisations but still, I am only closer through time.. Not through action or help.. Its frustrating.. 

I am sure many of you feel similar despite trying to gloss it over with positivity.. I wish you all well.. I really do, but for now, I think I need to step back a little

One Day Closer x