Monday, 21 March 2016

Parental Alienation Awareness Day - 25th April

"Parental alienation, sometimes called Hostile Aggressive Parenting, is a behavior by a parent, or an adult a child trusts, such as a grandmother/father, aunt, uncle, etc., whether conscious or unconscious, that could create alienation in the relationship between a child and a parent.
Parental alienation, or Hostile Aggressive Parenting, can be mild and temporary or extreme and ongoing. Most researchers believe that any alienation of a child against a parent is harmful to the child's emotional and mental health. Extreme, obsessive, and ongoing Parental Alienation can cause terrible psychological damage to children extending well into adulthood."


Monday, 14 March 2016

Reunite Skydive - July 1st 2016 - ** Update

Thank you to those who have sponsored me for this event and also those who are joining me to jump out of an aircraft at 4000 metres at Lillo (near Madrid) on July 1st.

It's disappointing to feel the need to put this next part but should just clarify..

1. All monies donated for my jump will go to the reunite international charity through one of my JustGiving pages.

2. No monies are used for any family court legal litigation. It is to help the reunite charity support team in their fantastic work in providing support and advice to families affected by parental child abduction.. As with ALL events I try to organise for this charity. I use JustGiving so this is visible to all.

3. Reunite International are a UK REGISTERED charity. Their website is

4. Reunite International have given me and some of my family incredible emotional support when we have needed it most.

5. My reason for chosen a tandem parachute jump this time is because it was something my mother really wanted to do but could not due to health reasons. I wanted to do this in her memory as she very sadly passed away in November last year. She was so appreciative of the reunite team also.

Thank you again to all who have given me so much support and encouragement and continue to do so. It really does mean so much.

Steve x

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Reunite International Shield - Football 8s Tournament

We are looking to organise the 4th Annual Reunite International Shield football tournament in April/May 2016.

This year we will be running the games over 5 weeks (since we could hardly move at the end last time ;-) )

If you would like to enter a team, please contact Steve on or visit the One Day Closer office in Villamartin Plaza. Please confirm as soon as possible with Team entry fee of €100

We also NEED volunteers for game officials, raffle sales and general help to make this event a success.

Week 1

Group A
Team 1 v Team 2
Team 3 v Team 4

Group B
Team 5 v Team 6
Team 7 v Team 8

Week 2

Group A
Team 2 v Team 3
Team 4 v Team 1

Group B
Team 6 v Team 7
Team 8 v Team 5

Week 3

Group A
Team 1 v Team 3
Team 2 v Team 4

Group B
Team 5 v Team 7
Team 6 v Team 8

Week 4 - Semi Finals

Winner Group A v Runner up Group B
Winner Group B v Runner up Group A

Week 5 - FINALS