Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Another Xmas Come and Gone

Another Xmas come and gone.. Once again, it hasn't been easy but thank you so much to all close to me who made a difficult time of year as enjoyable as was possible... 

Thanks to Matt, Mark, David, Claire and Joyce for making us feel so welcome on our visit. To Laura and Mark and the kids (Michelles grandchildren) for sharing Christmas Day festivities with us and the wonderful meal and also of course to Michelle who is always so supportive and really is my rock.. Love ya!!

Thanks also to family and friends who I really do appreciate the many messages of support.. And for the cards that include Aleyah even though she has been absent now for almost 10 years.. I keep every single message for her so she will see for herself how much she is loved and missed xxxx

I so hope my daughter Aleyah had a wonderful day... I hope with all of my heart that 2019 will be our year to be reunited... 

I pray that abducting/alienating parents are given a conscience and realise how wrong their behaviour is and put a stop to it for their children's sake!! 

Thoughts with all good parents who are so wrongfully alienated and/or restricted from being with their children and of course to the children who are wrongfully stopped from being with a parent and one side of their family.. 

This madness won't go on forever.. Stay strong and don't be beaten.. whether it's tomorrow, in the near future or further in time, your children will need you so don't give up!

ALWAYS loving you ALEYAH... FOREVER your Dad.. One more day closer xx 

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Friday, 14 December 2018

Christmas message

Wishing everybody a happy & wonderful Christmas / holiday season
For those who are parents who are not able to see their children through parental child abduction/parental alienation/retention, my heart goes out to you and empathise with the hurt that you will undoubtedly be feeling. I feel it too. 

Also so much thought for those who are suffering the bereavement of their children through illness or accident. It must be such a very traumatic time and must hurt so much in particular on these key dates.

Please stay strong and try to enjoy the season as much as possible with the people around you that are important in your life.

If you know anybody that is going through a difficult time or is on their own, check in on them. Involve them where you can. These holidays are a celebration  but also additionally difficult for some. 

If you have your children / grandchildren with you this year, treasure every single moment with them. They will never be this age again.. You are very blessed..xx
Thank you to all who have stayed the distance, inspired me and helped me to stay focused and positive when I have needed it most. Also to the crazy loons I call friends who keep me smiling...

I really can't put into words how much I appreciate all that have given so much love and support. I'm blessed to have some amazing people around me.
Wishing my own daughter Aleyah a wonderful Christmas and pray that we are reunited very soon

I continue to plea to the maternal family to end this madness. Enough is enough. The tactics to remove Aleyah from her home in Spain (for the 2nd time) were dispicable. Unforgivable.. 

It allowed you to achieve your objective. To erase Aleyah's paternal family from your life. But in doing that, you are also alienating Aleyah from her paternal family who love her unconditionally. 

It is time to move forward and think of our daughter. She is an amazing young lady and has been given opportunities on stage that I probably couldnt have provided but what I would have provided is a loving relationship with both the maternal and paternal families. 

I am so proud of her for everything she is achieving and also the way that her teachers say that she is keeping her feet on the ground. 

One day I am sure you know we will be reunited. Aleyah is on my mind every single day and she does not deserve to be deceived in the way she has been. 

Changing her name on stage, lies, deception, alienation, false allegations etc will never take away the fact that I am her father and I will always look out for her in any way I can. 

You know this is the right thing to do even if you would never admit to the tactics you have used. It is time to move forward and allow her to have her father in her life.
My details are:
0034 622 925 754

One More Day Closer!! xx

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Charity Football Game

I have credited one one my Reunite JustGiving pages for the total of €235 which was raised in a recent game in support of 2 charities. Reunite being one of those chosen charities by football friends in Los Montesinos.

More photographs can be found on

The JustGiving page credited was the computer fund page

Overall, that takes our fundraising total to £6,562.72