Thursday, 22 December 2016

Merry Xmas

Wishing everybody a happy & wonderful Christmas.

For those who are parents who are not able to see their children through abduction/alienation, my heart goes out to you and empathise with the hurt that you will undoubtedly be feeling.

Also so much thought for those who are suffering the bereavement of their children through illness or accident. It must be such a very traumatic time and must hurt so much in particular on these key dates.

Please stay strong and try to enjoy the season as much as possible with the people around you that are important in your life.

If you have your children / grandchildren with you this year, treasure every single moment with them. They will never be this age again.. You are very blessed..xx

Thank you to everybody that have stayed the distance, inspired me and helped me to stay focused and positive when I have needed it most. Also to the crazy loons I call friends who keep me smiling...

I really can't put into words how much I appreciate all that have given so much love and support. I'm blessed to have some amazing friends and family.

Love and best wishes!!! One Day Closer!! xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

2016 Thank you message

Thank you so much for your continued support in 2016. Our efforts and your kindness has now raised an amazing £6,222 in total for Reunite International Child Abduction Centre through One Day Closer. 

A special thank you to Costa Blanca Tranquillity Lodge, as well as the The Fire Station bar, Shani and Andy Ormiston, all the football teams competing in the Reunite International Shield including the singers who entertained in the evening events, those who supported my skydive and also a huge thank you to Michelle Clark who has been my rock during all of this. One more day closer...

Friday, 2 December 2016

Reunite - November News Roundup

At the beginning of the month, it was announced that the government has decided to opt in to the recast of the EU legislation known as the Brussels IIa regulation. The regulation outlines procedures to be used in cross-border family issues within the EU, such as the recognition of existing court orders and the abduction of children between EU states, and is currently being used by UK courts.

Reunite took part in the government’s consultation on the recast of Brussels IIa, and whether the UK should opt in to further discussions. They stated that the government shares their view that it is important for the UK to be part of the recast, even with Brexit on the horizon.

Reunite feel the impact of the proposed changes on families within the EU, including the families or British nationals living in other EU states, could be significant.

Reunite made a submission to the Justice Committee’s consultation on ‘the implications of Brexit for the justice system’ shortly following the announcement.

The EU’s Brussels IIa regulation is currently integrated into UK national law. Brussels IIa allows for orders in relation to parental responsibility to be recognised from one EU Member State to another, and adds extra obligations on Member States for the benefit of children in inter-EU 1980 Hague abduction cases.  

As a result, leaving the EU and potentially losing this key piece of legislation is going to have an impact on UK law and international family cases, and this needs to be taken into consideration by Parliament whatever happens next. 

Reunite hopes that their submission will be beneficial to the consultation and ultimately help to inform Parliament to make the best decisions for families and abducted children.


On the 17th November, Reunite organised a parents get together in London. This was a great opportunity to have a chat and share experiences with other parents and a few members of the reunite team over a drink and some nibbles.

They organise these meetings every second month. If you would like to attend one of the future meetings, send an email to Mitta at who will send you further details.  


Sadly, several new cases were reported during the month of November involving UK, Spain, Poland and Jamaica. Reunite aim provide ongoing advice and support to the parents who speak with them and work with them towards what will hopefully be a positive outcome for their children.

If you are affected by Parental Child Abduction and need advice, please call the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre advice line - 0044 (0)116 2556 234.


Later in the month, Reunite hosted a seminar with the British Embassy in Seoul on the 1980 Hague Convention, with the aim of informing local lawyers about child abduction and how the 1980 Hague Convention works.

There were a number of speakers, who included the Hague Permanent Bureau, Judge Kim and Professor Suk from Korea, the Korean Central Authority, Justice Bennett from Australia, John Mellor of CAFCASS, Anne-Marie Hutchinson and our Reunite's Alison Shalaby.

Reunite hope that this seminar has helped to increase knowledge and confidence amongst professionals, in an effort to secure the best possible outcomes for the children in 1980 Hague cases.

Also, late in November, Reunite's Sam Chapman attended the  Embassy Consular Conference, talking about the work of reunite with FCO's Consular Director, Julia Longbottom, and London's consular community.


Here in Spain, we would like to offer our huge appreciation to the Costa Blanca Tranquillity Lodge for their continued support for the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre Charity. Through their efforts, they have raised approximately £1,500 that will be used towards updating the centre offices.
We would also like to give our best wishes and support to Shani Ormiston, who has supported the charity for a number of years through events and cd sales.

Her latest release "You Gotta Let It Go" can be seen on YouTube

It is also available on media download sites CD Baby (click here)  iTunes (click here) , Google Play (click here), Spotify (click here)