Monday, 27 August 2018

Aleyah's 13th Birthday

Obviously, these key dates are difficult. It was my daughter Aleyah's 13th birthday. 

The last one we had together was when she was 4!! As we do every year, we tried to still "celebrate" her birthday in her absence.. 

We put all gifts and cards in a memory chest for her in the hope that one day she will see them to know that I and her friends and family, have never.. and will never give up on her... 

 We once again had cake (obviously to Michelle's delight) and as we do each year, went to a number of places Aleyah loved to go when she was here... It helps to still celebrate these days but it is very emotional x 

 These pictures show Aleyah 9 years ago and us in the same places today.. 

Below is a slide show from our travels which I hope that Aleyah will see...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEYAH.. ALWAYS loving you... FOREVER your Dad.. One day closer xxxx
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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Aleyah's 13th birthday plan

Happy birthday to my little girl Aleyah for Saturday... She will be 13 years old... (not so little anymore) 

Thank you for the people who have sent messages... It means a lot when family and friends acknowledge these special days and also continuing to send these messages to me directly (her dad) despite her still being absent... at the moment... 

 I will keep every last message until she has the opportunity to read them herself... 

I will be celebrating her birthday with Michelle, with a cake will take more photos to put in her box that I have been keeping for her... 

 We will be once again going to a number of places she used to love going including Rio safari where we will make another braid on her favourite pony McCloud which we have done each birthday since she was taken. (sounds silly I know...).. That's because she did a braid when she was here.. 

 I miss her so much... Not a day goes by without her in my mind and in my heart... We are one more day closer x

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Aleyah's graduation from the School of Rock UK cast

Aleyah's graduation from School of Rock Cast.. Another day closer Aleyah xxx 

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Court Tactics all too common

There are such obvious and common patterns of behaviour and "tactics" that are evident in many cases of parental child abduction and alienation.

When reading many articles/posts, it seems like they are all working from the same handbook of emotional abuse... 

In these cases why don't the courts and childcare "professionals" identify these patterns? If they do, why do they ignore them? 

Why do they not hold accountable parents that resort to false allegations and perjury?

 Why is the child not automatically provided emotional help in family law cases? They are the most important people and are often having to cope with one or both "parents" using them as weapons to win their family court case. 

The CHILD can only ever win if the parents can be amicable so why is mediation / shared parenting not the model that the courts encourage as priority? (could this be for financial reasons)?

Monday, 6 August 2018

Change since Walk Across Borders?

3 years since we started Walk Cross Borders. 44 marathons in 44 days to raise awareness of parental child abduction, parental alienation and the Reunite charity and to show MY OWN daughter a small part of what I would do for her.. 

This started at Orihuela Court in Spain and ended at RCJ London.. Quite a lot of awareness was raised during this event but sadly, In this last few years, there has been little progress in reuniting with my daughter, mediation point blank refused and very tragically, my daughter has lost a loving grandmother perminently. 

I will keep reaching out to plea to the maternal family for this bs to end and stop the disgraceful alienating tactics that continues to keep us apart.. 8 years stolen so far :(... One more day closer..

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Parental Alienation / Parental Child Abduction - Thoughts of a Parent

Dear Parents

How are you today? I hope all is well and you are blessed to be able to treasure some moments of your day for quality time with your children...Please treasure every single second.

I'm sure some days are testing. That's what being a parent is all about but I am sure that many families that have been affected by parental child abduction and/or alienation would love to be in your position because many have not been able to even communicate with their child for months... or like myself, sometimes years and sadly this is mostly due to the selfishness of the other "parent" as well as the family court systems that appear to facilitate this abuse.

I write today because I am feeling particularly down about the situation some parents find themselves in. When an abduction occurs, at the beginning, there is absolute uproar with friends and family.

"How can the other parent do this?"
"It is so wrong for this to happen. What can we do to help?"

Fantastic!.. There is an instant rallying together to try to resolve the situation because obviously, the authorities won't allow this to happen for long will they?..... WRONG !!

There is no rush to resolve the situation with the authorities (that would reduce their pay cheques). 

A parent tries to do everything they can to resolve the situation and often go directly to a lawyer and pay a retainer if they have the money or look to family and friends to help them. 

They may find these lawyers with very little research into their background in family law or international cross border child issues as the urgency to resolve the situation does not allow time to do this research.

The parent does this as a gut reaction as they believe that the system is BOUND to protect them and their children.. . After all... to steal a child is obviously a crime..  WRONG AGAIN !! Well... it is a crime but is it really enforced as being one???

Even with the protection of the Hague Convention and Brussels II revised which is supposed to protect from this occurring. So many stalling and devious tactics are used by "legal experts" which are abusive, cruel and immoral such as trying to portray the affected parent as unfit with false allegations.

The system as it stands is set up for these tactics to be used as there is little or no deterrent nor accountability for using them. 

In fact, they are sometimes rewarded with legal aid which is part of the reason that this "method" is used. 

Sadly, there is no thought whatsoever by an abducting/alienating "parent" or their legal advisors into the possible long term emotional affects on the family and the children..

The affected parent continues to do everything they can to resolve the situation.. Paying additional expenses for lawyers and barristers and well as travelling back and forth to the country they have been abducted or removed to. 

They often get themselves in so much financial trouble as a result of this that they might never recover from..

 As the situation goes on and on with no or limited resolution, the concern of friends and family often diminishes. Instead of the initial uproar, they sometimes hear comments like..

"It will all work out someday when they are older"

"He / she seems to be happy"

"All must be ok because they are with the other parent"

"You need to continue with your life because they will come back someday"

"They will work out the truth someday" 

Etc.. Etc.. Etc... 

If you are affected, I am sure you can add much more to this list as you are wiping away your tears on a daily basis because, to you, the first person you think of a the start of the day is your absent child and continues throughout each and every day..

 You learn to become stronger on the outside but it never becomes easier and your love for your child never lessens. 

The fact that the child was effectively stolen and retained from their other parent and family no longer seems a concern to most.. and the longer this goes on, the less concern there seems to be. 

These parents are so frustrated about this because the longer this goes on actually shows even more how wrong this situation is. 

People sometimes no longer to even relate you to being a parent... 

Remember the Xmas cards etc where your child is no longer mentioned - EVEN from close friends and family? Hurts doesn't it??

 The abducting / alienating parent has been allowed to erase you and your family from their lives aided and abetted by the system/authorities that you put your trust in. 

So at this point, what does a parent do? Give up? Pretend their child never even existed, box the emotions away? It seems that this is what is expected..

Some find the strength to carry on doing everything they can to be reunited with their child and look at different ways of achieving this... but the more time goes on, the less help they seem to get ... even from organisation that specialise in these issues.

A parent becomes so frustrated and sometimes feel that talking about what they can be doing to reunite with their child becomes a taboo subject.. After all, they've had the time to "get over it"

People need to understand that they will NEVER "Get over it"... They just learn to be stronger and cope as best they can with the situation.

If you have a family member of a close friend in a similar position, please give them some thought from time to time. They might go about their lives wearing a plastic smile but inside they hurt just as much, if not more, today than they did when this whole nightmare started. 

One Day Closer all xxxx