Saturday, 22 October 2016

Reunite Senior Football League - Orihuela Costa

Following the success of this year's Reunite International Shield Football Tournament, Olaf Fett of the De Bassus - La Zenia team, who were runners-up, is calling for teams to start a soccer 8's senior league in support of Reunite International Child Abduction Centre.

If you are interested in playing for a team, or you have a team already established that would like to play in this friendly league, please contact Olaf at the de Bassus Bar and Restaurant at La Zenia (628 75 53 50 / 615 53 11 89 ) or email One Day Closer -

Friday, 21 October 2016

LEPCA Mini Course (Rome, Italy) - Parental Child Abduction 28.11.2016

On 28th November, 2016, there will be a mini course programme held by LEPCA (Lawyers in Europe on Parental Child Abduction) at Istituto A.C. Jemolo, Vaile Guilio Cesare N.31, Rome, Italy on the subject of Parental Child Abduction

You can download details here:

Reunite International Child Abduction Centre will be represented on the day as well as ASIME - Spain and CENTER IKO - Netherlands  on the subject of mediation in cross border family law matters,

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Parental Child Abduction / Alienation has an impact on the whole family

During a discussion with a parent today, I was informed of the tragic news that the parent's mother (the child's grandmother) had been driven to the point of absolute despair and took her own life citing her reasons in a note.

I found this message heartbreaking and also totally frustrating because the courts, the authorities, the media and many people who have not been affected do not seem to take any priority of the possible impact on the parent, the family and most importantly, the child.

This poor child has now lost a loving grandparent permanently when it could so easily have been avoided. How will this impact the child when they are old enough to understand what has happened? How do you think this will impact the rest of the family?

For me personally, this is also a very upsetting subject as my mother, who was an amazing lady, mother and grandmother and absolutely adored her grandchild, never had the opportunity to be reunited before she sadly passed away last November.

I saw first hand how distraught she was. It hurt her so much to no longer see her grandchild and also for her to see how much it was hurting HER child!! Me!

I wish parents would stop being so selfish in behaving in this abusive manner. I wish they would stop playing God with their children's lives.

I also wish that the authorities, the courts, the media and the public would see parental child abduction and alienation as the emotional abuse that it is and do what they can to deter this.....

One Day Closer xx

Reunite's Email Temporarily Down

You may have already seen from their Facebook page but Reunite's email is down at the moment due to them changing service provider. If they are needed, call the adviceline.. 01162 555 234 or 01162 555 345

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Plea to stop parental child abduction / alienation

Sadly, these tactics are used over and over again without deterrent or accountability for doing so...

"Dear Alienating / abducting "parents"

You have proven your point that you can take "ownership" of our child by abducting and manipulating the system to achieve your goal in destroying the parental and family bond of the child and family that loves the child wholeheartedly.

You have proven that you can make false allegations, lie and deceive the courts and authorities in any way that you want to without any deterrent or accountability for doing so.

You have proven that you can portray a good parent to be an absolute monster and also coach your child in an attempt to have them believe your lies.

You have proven that you can use the system over and over again as long as the child's other parent and family do everything they can to be part of your child's life.

You have shown that you are prepared to emotionally harm your child and your child's family who love each other unconditionally

Does this make you proud? Does it give you a feeling of accomplishment to not only abuse your child's family but also your child him/her self?

Do you realise that this can affect your child, that you claim to love for the rest of their childhood lives and even into adulthood? Possibly even for the rest of their lives? Is this setting a good example for them being parents when they are older?

Do you realise also that when those children do start looking for answers, that the alienation that you are inflicting right now could cause your child to resent you.. And want to alienate you completely from their adult lives?

It is not too late to change your ways. Stop your abuse now.. Please.. For the sake of your child/children.

Anon (bound by gagging orders to "protect" the child from the truth)

Thursday, 6 October 2016

2017 Torrevieja Outlook Solidarity Calendar

Thank you to Andy Ormiston and Torrevieja Outlook for selecting Reunite International Child Abduction Centre as one of the supported charities for the 2017 Torrevieja Solidarity Calendar which are on sale at a cost of €5.
 Andy Ormiston with Michelle

Contact or phone Michelle on 0034 651 574 682 to order your copy. All proceeds from the Calendars sold by us will be given to the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre charity via our JustGiving page

The theme for the 11th edition (2017) is "La Bella Lola who represents the women of the town; so this is dedicated to the women of Torrevieja who are involved in every aspect of our lives as citizens"

The presentation was well attended by various charities and media from the area which gave the opportunity to discuss each charity and make new contacts in the tranquil setting of the Aroca Sequier - abogados garden (sponsor) in the Rocajuna urbanisation.

3 worthy charities were selected by Currencies Direct and were each presented with a cheque for the total of €3,200

Thank you to everybody for you continued support. It is very much appreciated. x

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

One year ago since the completion of Walk Across Borders (5th Oct 2015)

A year ago today, I completed a 44 day walk (approx 1750km) between Orihuela, Spain and London.

My objectives were to:
  1. Raise awareness of the issues surrounding parental child abduction and the impact on families and children
  2. Raise awareness of parental alienation abuse and the impact on families and children
  3. Raise awareness of the failures in family court and with authorities that sometimes appear to facilitate abduction, alienation and false allegations which can be used as a heinous alienation tactic.
  4. Help the Reunite International UK charity who NEED the additional resources to effectively support families who are involved in international children's cases.. Over 17,000 calls were managed by their advice line in 2014. For such a small charity, this is an enormous task.
  5. To show what affected parents are prepared to do to show their love for their children

We had such wonderful support from so many people on this journey from which we are so grateful. In particular, Michelle on the left of this photo who helped me advertise, walked a number of stages with me, drove the support car, wrote many posts on social media, hung the laundry wherever she could find a space (often at the side of the road) and kept me and people walking with me fed.. I really cannot thank her and others enough.

We also met some amazing people en route that provided an experience that we will never forget...

There were also some very testing moments too but we took those in our stride (excuse the pun)

I think we achieved most of what we wanted to achieve on the journey. In particular, raising awareness for which the number of hits on my Walk Across Borders blog was amazing.
I was also pleased that my mother was able to see us complete this before she sadly passed away in November...

She was so proud and fully supported the reasons why we decided to do this.. Tragically, she never had the opportunity to reunite with her granddaughter who she loved wholeheartedly until her last breath... It still does not seem real that she is no longer with us.. She was my rock... For such a small lady, she had so much courage and strength.. She is missed so much :(

Hopefully, we can continue to do as much as we can to try to make a difference... a positive difference... and just maybe enough awareness will be raised to prompt some change...

Doing nothing achieves nothing...

Nobody can do everything; but everybody can do something...

One more day closer xxxx