Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Costa Blanca Lodge of Tranquillity

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the ladies of the Costa Blanca Lodge of Tranquillity, Reunite International Child Abduction Centre have now been able to give their mediation rooms some much needed attention.

These two rooms are used by parents when they come to mediate with them, so it is very important that they are comfortable, welcoming spaces that help parents to feel at ease.

They have made do with the rooms as they were for the last few years, but the money raised by the ladies gave us the resources to transform the rooms into genuinely pleasant places to be (as you can see from the photographs). 

In fact one parent who mediated with them recently said they were so comfortable they could happily have fallen asleep there!

So thank you again to the Costa Blanca Lodge of Tranquillity and the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons for your much appreciated support.

This weekend, Michelle and I have the priviledge of being invited to their annual gentleman's evening here in Spain. Details to follow


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