Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Court Tactics all too common

There are such obvious and common patterns of behaviour and "tactics" that are evident in many cases of parental child abduction and alienation.

When reading many articles/posts, it seems like they are all working from the same handbook of emotional abuse... 

In these cases why don't the courts and childcare "professionals" identify these patterns? If they do, why do they ignore them? 

Why do they not hold accountable parents that resort to false allegations and perjury?

 Why is the child not automatically provided emotional help in family law cases? They are the most important people and are often having to cope with one or both "parents" using them as weapons to win their family court case. 

The CHILD can only ever win if the parents can be amicable so why is mediation / shared parenting not the model that the courts encourage as priority? (could this be for financial reasons)?

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