Monday, 27 August 2018

Aleyah's 13th Birthday

Obviously, these key dates are difficult. It was my daughter Aleyah's 13th birthday. 

The last one we had together was when she was 4!! As we do every year, we tried to still "celebrate" her birthday in her absence.. 

We put all gifts and cards in a memory chest for her in the hope that one day she will see them to know that I and her friends and family, have never.. and will never give up on her... 

 We once again had cake (obviously to Michelle's delight) and as we do each year, went to a number of places Aleyah loved to go when she was here... It helps to still celebrate these days but it is very emotional x 

 These pictures show Aleyah 9 years ago and us in the same places today.. 

Below is a slide show from our travels which I hope that Aleyah will see...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEYAH.. ALWAYS loving you... FOREVER your Dad.. One day closer xxxx
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