Sunday, 7 July 2019

Missing my Daughter Aleyah

I miss my little girl so much.

As much as one tries to stay strong, tries to keep positive, even tries to show smiles, it never gets any easier. But I am not going to be a shell of the person and dad that was left behind. I will be the same loving dad when we are reunited, only stronger and wiser... 

My little girl deserves her dad and family back!

I am sick to death of the injustices going on in the family courts nationally and internationally.

I am sick of the lies, the deceptions, the tactics to alienate children from good families with no deterrent or accountability for this premeditated abuse of the family AND children (and being gagged from talking about it in detail).

It breaks my heart when people dig their heads in the sand and allow this to happen.

The longer the abuse goes on, the more people seem to accept that it must be ok... It is not OK.... it will never be ok!

To be honest, I am drained. I continue to try to stay strong but am so disillusioned with authorities, organisations etc being able or even wishing to make a difference.. but I will keep trying to "encourage" these people and support the organisations that I believe are at least trying to change a broken system.

The trouble with being strong and being seen to be strong though is that no one seems to hear you when you ARE struggling. 

They just assume that you can deal with it.

I am not ashamed to admit I DO find it unbelievably difficult... traumatic..... heartbreaking... 

I sit in the room I keep decorated for my daughter many times weeping at our loss and wondering when justice will finally happen to allow us to be reunited. Not many people see this.

I am blessed to have some amazing friends and family who are supportive and do care. You help to keep me going and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

We are ONE DAY CLOSER... I just hope that day will come sooner rather than later... x

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