Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Father's Day Wishes

Fathers Day here in Spain, Italy and a number of other courtries... 

Happy Father's day to all good dads out there.. Or at least, as happy as it can be with the difficult situation the world is in at the moment..

It really is so difficult and the emotions heighten even more on key dates.. Even more so with what is going on at the moment..

I'm sure many alienated parents, like me, worry about mortality from time to time.. What if something happened to me?

Who would care enough to make sure my daughter is ok and also to make sure she knows how much I have tried for so long to be in her life?

Who would care enough to let her know who I really am.. Not the person her mother has portrayed me to be in order to tactically remove her from home in Spain and erase me and my family from her life?

What if anything happened to our daughter? Would I even be told? I have to play a detective role to find out anything about her.. It is so damn cruel.. Enough is enough.. Imagine how this behaviour might impact our child not only in childhood but also into adulthood!


Please don't forget that parents who cannot see their children due to abduction and /or alienation ARE still daddies or mummies on these days.

The difference being that it cannot be acknowledged by the children that they love with all of their hearts...

Thoughts with all affected parents, grandparents, families AND of course, their children.... One day closer x

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