Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Aleyah's 13th birthday plan

Happy birthday to my little girl Aleyah for Saturday... She will be 13 years old... (not so little anymore) 

Thank you for the people who have sent messages... It means a lot when family and friends acknowledge these special days and also continuing to send these messages to me directly (her dad) despite her still being absent... at the moment... 

 I will keep every last message until she has the opportunity to read them herself... 

I will be celebrating her birthday with Michelle, with a cake will take more photos to put in her box that I have been keeping for her... 

 We will be once again going to a number of places she used to love going including Rio safari where we will make another braid on her favourite pony McCloud which we have done each birthday since she was taken. (sounds silly I know...).. That's because she did a braid when she was here.. 

 I miss her so much... Not a day goes by without her in my mind and in my heart... We are one more day closer x

 #aleyahmonkdalton (aka stage/alienation name #aaliyahmonk) #onedaycloser

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