Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Another Xmas Come and Gone

Another Xmas come and gone.. Once again, it hasn't been easy but thank you so much to all close to me who made a difficult time of year as enjoyable as was possible...

Thanks to Michelle Clark who opened our dinner table to two lovely elderly people who may otherwise have spent the day alone. This type of selfless act of kindness shows what a special person she is.. (they had a wicked sense of humour too)

I so hope my little girl Aleyah had a good day... I hope with all of my heart that 2018 will be our year to be reunited...

I pray that abducting/alienating parents are given a conscience and realise how wrong their behaviour is and put a stop to it for their children's sake!!

Thoughts with all good parents who are so wrongfully alienated and/or restricted from being with their children.

This madness won't go on forever.. Stay strong and don't be beaten.. whether it's tomorrow, in the near future or further in time, your children will need you so don't give up!

ALWAYS loving you... FOREVER your Daddy.. One more day closer xx

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