Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Why do I post on blogs and social media?

Obviously, one HUGE reason I post about parental child abduction and parental alienation is that my daughter was parentally abducted 10 years ago and returned home via Hague proceedings.
I thought this would have been the end of matters but how wrong could I have been?...

The most devious and heinous tactics were used to remove her again a year later and I have not been allowed to see her since... Nor "should" I even talk about details of the case or even her name on this media due to the deception and misuse of the UK family courts..

I was gagged from speaking about the case on any media. I tried to do everything that was asked of me but nothing was changing.. I finally lost my faith in the family court system being a resolution..
Not a day goes by without me thinking of my little girl.. I love her with ALL of my heart!! I will continue to do everything I can to make sure she is reunited with her Dad and paternal family.

Another reason I post so much on the subject is that during the time I have been trying to reunite with my own child, I have spoken to MANY other parents and families that have been affected by parental child abduction and / or parental alienation. I was shocked to see that the situation we find ourselves in is by far an isolated case.

This HAS to be seen as a major problem in the family courts and between jurisdictions
MANY children are abducted and/or alienated from good parents every single day.

These children are used as weapons, pawns and possessions by an abducting/alienating parent that the child is supposed to be able to trust...

Instead they are subjecting the child that they claim to love to a most horrible emotional abuse.. Not to mention the abuse of the left behind family..

Sadly, quite often the authorities and the courts seem to facilitate this behaviour by allowing themselves to be lied to, deceived and manipulated... (why isnt perjury deterred in the family courts?)

If you are blessed enough to have your children with you, imagine what it would be like if you woke in the morning to find that they are no longer there... Imagine not knowing where they have been taken to or if you will ever see them again.

Imagine trying to plead for help from the authorities and they do nothing or very little to help...

Imagine going from day to day trying to be reunited with your child but nothing seems to progress... In fact, the longer it takes, the less concern people seem to show.. All is considered OK...

It is not OK... It never will be OK.. These are emotional abuses that seem to be tolerated..

I hope some of my posts help to raise awareness of some of the issues.. I also hope that you do read some of them and dont get too frustrated with me for posting about the issues so much... If you do, feel free to mute or remove me. I wont take offense... One day closer xxx

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