Monday, 3 September 2018

False Allegations - Big Brother

I dont know if anybody saw news on the UK show Big Brother the other day but there was an incident on the show where a "celebrity" made a serious allegation against another contestant which resulted in him having a formal warning..

I think we could all agree that the allegation was at the very least, grossly exaggerated..

This was placed in the spotlight on national television. Do you not think that this incident could show what often occurs in the family courts as a tool to "win" a case?

It made me sick to my stomach not only the allegation but how the show dealt with it.. A formal warning?? Really??

People who are REALLY victims of domestic violence or violence against women should be just as outraged about this.. It was disgusting...

It seems that now her career is in tatters, she makes a public apology. Sorry for what she did or sorry for the impact it has had on her??? Hmmm.

Interestingly, womens aid are still defending her actions to a point..

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