Sunday, 9 September 2018

September 10th - World Suicide Prevention Day.... What can you do?

Connect - ask how someone is

If you think someone might be feeling unwell, depressed; don’t be afraid to ask how they are.

 Anyone can experience a mental health problem, so being able to talk about it is important to us all. And you don’t need to be an expert on mental health. Often, small everyday actions can make the biggest difference.

They might want to talk about it, or they might not. But just letting them know they don’t have to avoid the issue with you is important. Just spending time with the person lets them know you care and can help you understand what they’re going through.


Thoughts today with all who are or who have experienced suicidal thoughts and families that have been affected..

A message for Gautam's daughter who some of my contacts related to parental child abduction / parental alienation may know: your Dad fought to be in your life until his very last breath.. He is not forgotten and NEVER will be.. I hope you will someday know of the love and dedication he had for you.. You were always his angel ... Xx #worldsuicidepreventionday #suicide #talk #connect

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