Monday, 14 November 2016

Reunite submission to the Justice Committee

Reunite International Child Abduction Centre have been putting the finishing touches to their submission to the Justice Committee’s consultation on ‘the implications of Brexit for the justice system’.

The EU’s Brussels IIa regulation is currently integrated into UK law. Brussels IIa allows for orders in relation to parental responsibility to be recognised from one EU Member State to another, and adds extra obligations on Member States for the benefit of children in inter-EU 1980 Hague abduction cases.  

As a result, leaving the EU and potentially losing this key piece of legislation is going to have an impact on UK law and international family cases, and this needs to be taken into consideration by Parliament whatever happens next. 

Reunite hopes their submission will be beneficial to the consultation and ultimately helps to inform Parliament to make the best decisions for families and abducted children.

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