Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dear Alienating Parent

Sadly, these tactics are used over and over again without deterrent or accountability for doing so...

Dear Alienating / abducting "parents"

You have proven your point that you can take "ownership" of your child by abducting and manipulating the system to achieve your goal in destroying the parental and family bond of the child and family that loves the child wholeheartedly.
You have proven that you can make false allegations, lie and deceive the courts and authorities in any way that you want to without any deterrent or accountability for doing so.
You have proven that you can portray a good parent to be an absolute monster and also coach your child in an attempt to have them believe your lies.
You have proven that you can use the system over and over again as long as the child's other parent and family do everything they can to be part of your child's life.
You have shown that you are prepared to emotionally harm your child and your child's family who love each other unconditionally.
Does this make you proud? Does it give you a feeling of accomplishment to not only abuse your child's family but also your child him/her self?
Do you realise that this can affect your child, that you claim to love for the rest of their childhood lives and even into adulthood? Possibly even for the rest of their lives?
Is this setting a good example for them being parents when they are older?
Do you realise also that when those children do start looking for answers, that the alienation that you are inflicting right now could cause your child to resent you.. and want to alienate you completely from their adult lives?
It is not too late to change your ways. Stop your abuse now.. Please.. For the sake of your child/children.

Anon (bound by gagging orders to "protect" the child from the truth)

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  1. My plea is to any "parents" that use these tactics to please stop and think what they are doing...

    You might think that you have won.. but there are no winners other than the courts and authorities..

    A day will come where the children will ask questions.. Do you really want to have to explain to them how your lies and deception have kept them apart from their parent and family?

    This could risk your future relationship with them.. Dont you realise that?

    Whatever you think your reasons were for doing what you have done needs to be put in the past. Please stop trying to convince them that they have been badly treated or abused by the parent you are keeping them from. Understand that this is emotional abuse in itself.

    Put your child's needs first. THAT is being a parent!