Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Parental Child Abduction / Alienation has an impact on the whole family

During a discussion with a parent today, I was informed of the tragic news that the parent's mother (the child's grandmother) had been driven to the point of absolute despair and took her own life citing her reasons in a note.

I found this message heartbreaking and also totally frustrating because the courts, the authorities, the media and many people who have not been affected do not seem to take any priority of the possible impact on the parent, the family and most importantly, the child.

This poor child has now lost a loving grandparent permanently when it could so easily have been avoided. How will this impact the child when they are old enough to understand what has happened? How do you think this will impact the rest of the family?

For me personally, this is also a very upsetting subject as my mother, who was an amazing lady, mother and grandmother and absolutely adored her grandchild, never had the opportunity to be reunited before she sadly passed away last November.

I saw first hand how distraught she was. It hurt her so much to no longer see her grandchild and also for her to see how much it was hurting HER child!! Me!

I wish parents would stop being so selfish in behaving in this abusive manner. I wish they would stop playing God with their children's lives.

I also wish that the authorities, the courts, the media and the public would see parental child abduction and alienation as the emotional abuse that it is and do what they can to deter this.....

One Day Closer xx

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