Wednesday, 5 October 2016

One year ago since the completion of Walk Across Borders (5th Oct 2015)

A year ago today, I completed a 44 day walk (approx 1750km) between Orihuela, Spain and London.

My objectives were to:
  1. Raise awareness of the issues surrounding parental child abduction and the impact on families and children
  2. Raise awareness of parental alienation abuse and the impact on families and children
  3. Raise awareness of the failures in family court and with authorities that sometimes appear to facilitate abduction, alienation and false allegations which can be used as a heinous alienation tactic.
  4. Help the Reunite International UK charity who NEED the additional resources to effectively support families who are involved in international children's cases.. Over 17,000 calls were managed by their advice line in 2014. For such a small charity, this is an enormous task.
  5. To show what affected parents are prepared to do to show their love for their children

We had such wonderful support from so many people on this journey from which we are so grateful. In particular, Michelle on the left of this photo who helped me advertise, walked a number of stages with me, drove the support car, wrote many posts on social media, hung the laundry wherever she could find a space (often at the side of the road) and kept me and people walking with me fed.. I really cannot thank her and others enough.

We also met some amazing people en route that provided an experience that we will never forget...

There were also some very testing moments too but we took those in our stride (excuse the pun)

I think we achieved most of what we wanted to achieve on the journey. In particular, raising awareness for which the number of hits on my Walk Across Borders blog was amazing.
I was also pleased that my mother was able to see us complete this before she sadly passed away in November...

She was so proud and fully supported the reasons why we decided to do this.. Tragically, she never had the opportunity to reunite with her granddaughter who she loved wholeheartedly until her last breath... It still does not seem real that she is no longer with us.. She was my rock... For such a small lady, she had so much courage and strength.. She is missed so much :(

Hopefully, we can continue to do as much as we can to try to make a difference... a positive difference... and just maybe enough awareness will be raised to prompt some change...

Doing nothing achieves nothing...

Nobody can do everything; but everybody can do something...

One more day closer xxxx

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