Friday, 5 February 2016

Murder-suicide surviving daughter: "The Family Court completely failed us"

Today I read an article on the kidspot website that really hit my heart strings. It was a statement from a young lady called Grace Cuzens who is a surviving daughter in a very tragic case.

"Grace Cuzens was just 13 years old when her mother murdered her two sisters before taking her own life. Now 17, she has spoken out about her traumatic childhood and the Family Court’s place in it." (Kidspot)


Were there any lessons learned from this case? I really hope that her courageous message helps to raise awareness as much as possible the devastating impact of the family court process and helps to prompt changes in a system that seems to fail so many families.

In her statement she mentioned,..."I wish someone had explained to us why we never saw dad, explained that he did love us and wanted to see us but we never got that. We were only ever told what mum wanted us to think of him and it was never positive and never unbiased. . In writing this I wanted to encompass the positive and negative elements of the Family Court but I have come to the realisation that there was no positive for me. Only trauma and suffering. Grace Cuzens 3.2.16"

Please take a few minutes out of your day to read her full statement here

Bless you Grace

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