Saturday, 13 February 2016

One Day Closer - Villamartin / Reunite

Thank you all that have taken the time to press "Like" on our facebook page ( and on the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre facebook page .

We also appreciate all who supported Steve on Walk Across Borders as well as all of the events/ventures that we have arranged in the past, We will be arranging many more in the future..

We are hoping to arrange another football tournament in April... followed by a tandem parachute jump in June

The team at Reunite International Child Abduction Centre do some amazing work in providing advice for families affected by parental child abduction and also raising awareness of the issues globally.

In 2014, there were over 17,000 calls through their advice line. This highlights the extent of the problem.

The team also provide a mediation service and are also aiming to provide a counselling service in the near future

For those of you who fear that your child may be at risk of international parental child abduction or if your child has been taken abroad without consent or if your family is being retained from your child across international borders, then please contact Reunite on 0044 (0)116 2556 234 or drop into the One Day Closer office in Villamartin Plaza where we can provide useful contact information for you.
You can also call the Reunite advice line from the office 

One Day Closer (966 18 44 69).

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