Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Reunite International Child Abduction Centre Website and Forum

Reunite International Parental Child Abduction Centre are currently looking to make their website more intuitive and easy to navigate for affected families as well as legal professionals etc..

The website as is stands, does provide some very useful information. However, for a parent / family to find exactly what they are looking for to reunite with their child, or better still, to prevent an abduction, it seems very complex to find the relevant information between the jargon.

If you have any suggestions on how the website can be improved, contact them directly on or discuss on their forum page

I would welcome a more intuitive and interactive front page where parents can provide details of their circumstances and the most relevant information and contact details is presented to them. The forum at the moment is fairly well hidden in a submenu which is a shame because this can be a very useful resource to connect parents together. Obviously, this needs to be monitored as it is an extremely emotional topic and is public.

Another important point in the new website is to ensure that it is regularly maintained with news and events etc. Reunite do some amazing work worldwide in raising awareness and encouraging change in the system where it is needed but much of this work is not reported. I believe that it should be whilst also understanding that some of the work might prompt debate.

It would be useful to maintain a catalog of reference material including research papers, presentations, redacted case files etc but this should be in a seperate reference section.

If there was availability to register to the site, it could also provide a mailing list for the possible newsletters and event updates etc

Well done Reunite for once again doing everything they can given the resources they have to provide as much support as possible to families affected by Parental Child Abduction. In the 6 years I have required their help and support, they have been wonderful.

They are not miracle workers and they are having to work with a system that needs much improvement but they keep on striving to provide this support and encourage change where required.

The work of Reunite International is greatly appreciated

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